How to Buy

Buying a property doesn’t have to be daunting or difficult.

Talk to us. Tell us what you’re looking for. And benefit from open and honest advice.

We can advise you about pricing strategies, market conditions and help you negotiate the best possible deal.

Crunch some numbers & set a budget

Before doing anything, we always advise speaking to a mortgage broker to get a detailed insight into your buying budget.

If possible, try to get a mortgage ‘agreed in principle’ as this will confirm the amount you can borrow and influence your property search.

If required, we can put you in touch with a Mortgage Broker with access to a wide range of lenders, as well as exclusive deals and rates that may not be available on the open market.

Start your search – tell us your requirements

Once you have a clear understanding of the size and style of property you want, let us know and we will work hard to find ones which match your criteria.

To keep you fully updated, we will email you the latest property details as and when they become available.

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Let the viewings commence

As soon as you find a home that you like, we recommend viewing it as soon as possible.

Before going to visit, think of some questions you want to ask. Feel free to take a tape measure and take note of the key features as you walk around.

Buying a new home is a big decision, so don’t get carried away. When the property ‘feels right’ you will know.

Make an offer they can’t refuse

Once you have identified a suitable property, tell us your offer and we will put it forward to the seller. We will also explain if there are any conditions attached to the offer, such as any fixtures or fittings you’d like to be included.

If your offer is declined, there may need to be some further negotiations. But once your offer has been accepted, you will be required to confirm your solicitor's details and complete your mortgage application. You will also be required to show Proof of Funding – a statement showing the available deposit and a mortgage promise.

When your offer is accepted, this will be confirmed in writing to all parties and a Memorandum of Sale will be produced.

Remember, going with the cheapest solicitor may not be the best policy. A good recommendation could save weeks in the conveyancing process and may be worth paying a little bit more.

Get a Survey & Mortgage Valuation Report

A survey of the property will be required by your lender. The surveyor will contact the seller’s Estate Agents and will check the house on behalf of the mortgage lender to identify any structural problems and advise on the property's value.

After your lender has received a Mortgage Valuation Report, they will send a formal mortgage offer to you and your solicitor, which you need to check and sign before returning it.

Conveyancing (it can be complex and tricky)

Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring the ownership of a property from one person to another. The time it takes varies. Sometimes there can be delays, but it usually takes a couple of months.

During this time, your solicitor will carry out all the legal and administrative tasks necessary for a lawful property transaction, raising the preliminary enquiries on receipt of the draft contract from the Seller's solicitor.

This will include fixtures and fittings to be included in the sale. They will also request their own local searches and ask you to sign and return the Mortgage Valuation Report. Once the mortgage is in place, your broker or lender will receive your Mortgage Offer and a date can be agreed for the ‘exchange of contracts’ and a proposed date set for completion.

Exchange & enjoy your exciting new home

Exchange of contracts occurs when all enquiries have been confirmed and agreed. Once the contract has been signed by both parties, the deposit will be transferred from your solicitor to the seller's solicitor and the date for completion will be agreed mutually. The sale becomes legally binding once the contracts are exchanged.

On the day of completion, the balance of the funds is transferred from your solicitor to the seller's solicitor's bank. The keys are released to you once the funds are cleared in the seller's solicitor’s account.

You are now the legal owner. Move your furniture in and start unpacking your boxes. It’s time to enjoy your exciting new home!

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